Study Guide: Personal Ascension Program

The Human Chakra System

A strong understanding of the chakra system is very important. However, it must be noted that there are various interpretations and models to describe the science of chakras. For this writer, the purpose here is to simply give you a basic understanding of the seven (7) primary chakras, and their role as a frequency interface between your biological body and your ethereal body.

The ethereal body is located approximately 2-5cm in front and around your physical body. It is the life force body, because it provides the biological body with cellular genetic guidance. It is not completely separate but interacts and sustains the life of the biological body. There are specific channels of energy exchange, which allow the flow of energy to move from one system to another. This life force energy, commonly known as “Ka,” is supplied to the ethereal body via an ethereal cord that connects to Earth’s ethereal body. Without this ethereal cord, the physical body would die.

The electromagnetic energy that flows around the ethereal body is known as “Ka.” This bio energy (sub atomic light energy) circulates around the ethereal body, through a number of tiny web-like ducts, pipes, or channels called “Nadis.” These nadis lines are an extensive network or transport system that connects the ethereal body with the biological body. Ka energy flows through ethereal matter and provides the power and energy to regenerate the ethereal body.

This bio energy or “Ka” is the fuel for the ethereal body. It consists of high frequency light that keeps the ethereal body alive to sustain and preserve your biological body. The ethereal energy system or nadis lines connect at special energy nodes called “Chakras.” The chakra energy system consists of twelve (12) chakras or energy centres. There are seven (7) primary chakras, which transport electromagnetic energy by entering and exiting your physical body and five (5) external chakras. The chakras act as an energy transformer - Ka energy flows through the various nadis lines and are processed and distributed by chakras after the energy is modulated into a different frequency. This energy is translated into hormonal, physiological, and cellular changes in the biological body.

The chakras are arranged as an ascending column and start at the base of the spine and finish at the skull. The locations of these seven primary chakras have a direct interaction to the biological body including the major nerve plexus and endocrine gland. The seven primary chakras are generally associated with specific colours and each has a specific ascending frequency. In various traditions, chakras are visualised as wheels/lotuses/flowers with a different number of petals/spokes in each chakra.

The chakras could be termed "non physical organs" that operate on specific frequencies and wavelengths, and connect the biological body with the ethereal body. Chakras are more like swirling vortexes of electromagnetic energy. This energy moves through them like water flows down a funnel. By alternately spinning clockwise and counter clockwise, our chakras maintain a dynamic balance between receiving and building energy (done through the clockwise motion) and releasing excess energy (done through the counter clockwise motion).

The chakra system influences your biological body through the endocrine glands. Each chakra is associated with a different endocrine gland. Just as there are seven chakras, there are seven endocrine glands. Both the chakras and the endocrine glands are located along the front of spinal cord. The endocrine glands manufacture hormones and supply them to the bloodstream. When a chakra is damaged, it causes disruption to the function of its associated endocrine gland. Because the activity of the endocrine glands and nerve plexuses are interrelated and interdependent, when an endocrine gland does not function properly, it influences the entire biological body.

Chakras are like magnets and that is the main reason for their blockages (energy transference), the lower chakras operate on the lowest frequency, so they automatically pull or attract the denser (heaviest) electromagnetic energy. When the primary chakras are not functioning correctly, the physical body will vibrate at lower frequency. The aim of ascension involves removing energy blockages from the lower three chakras, the activation the upper chakras (above the heart chakra) and balancing the overall chakra system to function at a higher frequency.

Chakra healing is a straightforward process requiring nothing more than your conscious intent and visualisation skills. When you open your chakras, you are essentially "powering up" your ethereal body. Chakra healing removes unwanted frequency, which allows the chakra to function normally. In regards to ascension, chakra healing will involve firstly the activation of the three lower chakras, before we target the upper chakras, else they will not open. After healing each primary chakra, there is a symbiotic frequency increase within the ethereal body. When most of the primary chakras are healed, and the system is realigned and balanced, the flow of Ka energy is naturally restored.

In addition, the activation of the 7th chakra (crown chakra) can only occur after the previous six chakras have been balanced. Instantly, like a domino effect the 8th and 9th chakras will come online. The 8th chakra is located about 30cm above the crown chakra, which connects you to the astral plane (higher planes of consciousness), whilst the 9th chakra is located below your feet, which connects your ethereal body to the Earth’s ethereal body. Your goal during ascension involves achieving a moderate to high frequency, because a higher frequency means your ethereal body will remain firmly anchored to Earth during the planetary shift.


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