Study Guide: Personal Ascension Program

Ascension Consciousness Grid

In regards to ascension, the frequency of your consciousness will determine the dimensional frequency you are destined to experience at the time of the planetary shift. The previous assessment was a simple exercise to examine your current attitudes and beliefs and how much you would support or resist divinity and the 4D spiritual principles (Service to Others). You may now wish to reflect upon your responses and consider the four levels of ascension consciousness. For example, for a “3D Positive” (3D+) person to shift to a higher frequency, they need to change their current unloving attitude from “It’s all about me!” (Materialism, ego, wealth, etc) and embrace the new Earth concept of “It’s all about us!” which would help them to open up their heart chakra and obviously increase their frequency and shift to the “4D Negative” (4D-) group.