Study Guide: Personal Ascension Program

Planetary Ascension

“Planetary Ascension” refers to the modulation of the planets frequency to a higher level. This process occurs when our Sun receives varying densities of electromagnetic energy from specific locations in the cosmos, as it orbits through the universe on its predestined cycles of time. Our Sun then modulates and transmits packets of frequency across our solar system. The in streaming of electromagnetic energy enters the Earths outer electromagnetic field or magnetosphere, which is the process that gradually increases or modulates the outer frequency. The magnetosphere has a direct frequency relationship with the planets core or inner electromagnetic grid, which must also modulate itself to remain synchronised with the outer frequency. Over decades, this natural symbiotic process has prepared the entire planet for the ascension. The magnetosphere is located in the upper region of the earth's ionosphere (1,000km above earths surface), which consists of charged particles of photons, and directly controls the planets internal magnetic field.

Our Milky Way galaxy spirals around the universe like a cosmic clock, which consists of a number of interconnected cycles of time. These cycles permit planets to evolve from one density to next. There are 12 dimensions in our universe. Each dimension is divided into twelve major cycles. These major cycles are divided into twelve minor cycles. When all dimensions complete their cycles at the same time, this cosmic synchronisation is collectively known as a grand cycle. At this point, planetary objects in our dimension can energetically shift from one dimension to the next. The major cycles describe the entire galaxy orbiting around the great central sun, known as Alcyone Sun, which is located in the galactic centre of the Pleiadian system.

It takes our galaxy some 16 billion years to complete that galactic cycle - a single orbit around the great galactic centre. Each galaxy is connected diagonally with an upper dimensional plane. At the completion of a grand cycle, the lower dimensional plane diagonally eclipses the higher plane, and all planetary objects within that galaxy can shift upward into the next density or time/space matrix within the space/time continuum.

In other words, if you visualise our planet on a kind of railway track or band of energy that moves through space, and comes into direct contact with another band of energy that is vibrating at a higher frequency, a dimensional shift will occur when both bands of energy eventually flow and pass through each other. Now imagine that when these two different frequency bands merge and pass through each other, the people existing on Earth will have the option to switch to the other higher band. That dimensional shift means people can elect to go into the higher dimensional frequency (4th density) with the planet, or decide to remain on the lower frequency band (3rd density). This grand event literally represents the end of the planets evolution on the 3D timeline and the beginning of the 4D timeline. It represents both a shift in the frequencies for humanities consciousness and the shift to the planets position in the universe to a higher frequency.

The completion of the grand cycle is a major event, because there are number of cycles of time that will converge and will synchronise at the same time. These include a) the solar system completing the minor cycle that takes approximately 26000 years, known as the “Precession of the Equinoxes,” b) the Milky Way galaxy completing the cycle around the major Pleiadian system that takes 230 million years and c) the galaxy completing the cycle around the Great Central Sun, which takes some 16 billion years. When all these precessional cycles are synchronised, it completes the grand cycle (or grand procession). This is what will happen during 2012. All these cycles of time are converging back to the original start position to reset – this is zero time, the beginning of the next grand cycle. Just as Earth is influenced by the electromagnetic energy from the Sun, our Sun is also directly influenced by the high particle electromagnetic energy transmitted from the great central sun. The great central sun transmits pulsating packets of highly concentrated electromagnetic energy across the universe via a chain of interconnected galactic Suns, before finally arriving and entering our solar system. At this point, our Sun modulates and transmits that electromagnetic energy across our solar system. The in streaming of electromagnetic energy or electrical charge on the Earths outer electromagnetic field or magnetosphere is drawn into the planets core. As a result, the core emits radiation at a higher spectrum, because it has modulated the inner planetary frequency grid to a higher level. The entire “galactic energy system” of interconnected Suns operates exactly like the human chakra system. This universal process allows the entire galaxy and all planetary spheres that reside within it, to progressively evolve from one dimension to the next.


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