Study Guide: Personal Ascension Program



Step 9 - Third Eye Activation


It is recommended that you commence this activity in WEEK 7, and please still continue with the chakra balancing activity.

This activity involves the activation of your THIRD EYE CHAKRA. The full or partial activation of this chakra will instantly open the 7th chakra – the crown chakra, which will immediately act as the gateway to trigger the opening of the five external chakras that surround the body. The full interconnection of the twelve (12) chakras creates your multidimensional chakra system. At the time of the planetary shift, this will guarantee you entry to new Earth. The key to the activation of the third eye chakra involves developing your intuition. Each person was born with intuition and without exception, everyone has some kind of psychic ability, but for many people they have closed this gift off. There are many techniques that are involved in “third eye training,” so feel free to research and explore those options, for example: guided visualisation, automatic writing, remote viewing, and simple meditation.

To help activate your third eye, try this simple exercise when you are meditating or sitting comfortably. Visualise a beacon of light coming out of your third eye in the colour of indigo or pale violet-blue. This is the point between the eyebrows when your eyes are closed. Just let that beam of light flow straight out of your third eye for a minute or so.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider using the following exercise, which uses guided visualisation:

Close your eyes and begin to relax,
Call upon your Master/Angel/etc that you require their assistance with your third eye activation by giving you a visual clue for your question,
Concentrate on a basic question in your mind or imagine you are holding a card in your hand that has a personal question written on it that you want answered,
Now ask them to send you a mental image, for example a “Green” or “Red” spot into your mind, The colours represent a specific answer, eg: True/False or Yes/No,
Now focus on the image that was sent to you. You must learn not to reject or dismiss the experience, because you are learning how to receive guidance from the Angelic realm, which are located in the higher dimensions,
Record your results in the spiritual journal then repeat the exercise using different questions,
You may feel a little warm sensation around your third eye chakra. If you do not, that is fine!
Repetition will help open or partially activate the chakra. Just take your time and do not rush! After you have undertaken this task for several weeks, and you begin to feel comfortable with the results, please feel free to research other activities that can be used to fully activate or strengthen your third eye chakra.

How often:
You should commence this activity at the start of Week 7 and aim to undertake this exercise at least four (4) times a week for a minimum of two (2) weeks, and then establish a regular pattern that works best for you.

Note: The ascension activity to heal and activate the CROWN CHAKRA was incorporated in both the “Ascension Journal” (study/learn new spiritual knowledge) and with the use of meditation and/or visualisation techniques (refer to “Chakra Balancing” and the “Ascension Chamber”). Please note, that by default, your crown chakra is “open” or activated at the time of birth.